Casino Games - Tablet & Mobile Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It is a game of risk and calculation and is also called Twenty One. With the increase of popularity of mobile casino games, mobile blackjack still remains the preferred choice, showing that the game is both enjoyed in a real casino, as well as online.

Online advantages

The ability to access mobile casino games through different smart phones and tablets with the use of applications has many advantages. You no longer need to drive to a casino to play your favourite games. You are able to access the games online and you can play mobile blackjack whenever you want, from any location that you feel comfortable with. The online applications allow you to play for fun and the registration process is simple; you can also transfer funds in order to place bets. The betting on almost all online sites is legitimate and allows you to win real money. This money can be used to play more or you can withdraw it at any time you choose.

There is a risk to playing online as you have to register to be able to play and bet on sites. This means that you will have to fill in your personal details as well as transfer real money into the virtual casino’s account in order to place bets. This can be risky, but most online casinos will ensure that their site is very secure and legitimate. Many advanced security measures are put into place to make sure that all your information remains private, and that there is no outside access to your account details, gambling history or access to your money. By playing online, all your money remains in the digital form and is easily transferred from your gaming account to your bank account. This creates convenience on your part and safety as you do not have physical money on you to play. It is much safer to deposit your winnings straight from the mobile site into your bank account, compared to leaving a real casino with money in your pocket, where it can get lost or stolen.


Even whilst playing mobile blackjack, the game remains a very strategic game. You need to know what you are doing in order to win. The fair and accurately simulated card games and dealer’s hands on mobile casinos, means that you can play an online game just as well as a live game. The advantage of playing online is that you can have a sheet of paper to help you work out which cards have been bet and the likely outcome of the game, something that would not be allowed in a real game in a casino. This is part of the appeal of online blackjack, as it gives you the ability to calculate and take your time, using any method you want to work out the likely cards in the dealer’s hand.

Playing against a computer generated dealer often means that you will get a different feel to the game, but with superior graphics and real time game play, it does create the feeling of sitting at a real table in a casino. Many sites give you the option to play against real online players or computer generated players. The second option allows you greater freedom of choosing when you want to play and you often have to option of slowing down the game play, which allows you to analyse the different player’s cards and work out the likely outcome of the next card played. Even if you are allowed to take your time and calculate the hand and the card that comes next, the game remains one of strategy. You will need to plan and think just as hard as you do in a real live game in order to win real money, and add some funds to your account with the virtual casino.


Blackjack remains a very popular game both as mobile blackjack and in real casinos. With the development and application of a large variety of mobile casino sites on the internet, it is now possible to be able to play your favourite casino game anywhere and at any time.